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Learning About Laptop Charger

What is a laptop charger ?

A laptop charger is a device that supplies power to a laptop computer. Laptops can run on battery power for some time, but when the battery runs out of power, the laptop will shut down. A laptop charger is used to recharge the battery so that the laptop can be used again.

Do all laptops use the same charger ?

Laptop adapter jacks can vary in size and shape, from small round connectors to large oval shaped ports. Even two laptops from the same company can offer different adapter connections.

How do I know which laptop charger I need ?

For that, you can find service tag (which is usually attached back of your Laptop) or the brick of power charger (as shown in above image). We have made it is for you. If you are in India, you can simply click the image of the service tag and/or existing power adapter of your laptop.

When laptop charger is not working ?

Unplug the AC adapter from the wall outlet. Unplug the AC adapter from the computer. Check the AC adapter and cables (including the power cable) for any signs of physical damage or overheating. Check if the pin inside the plug or adapter port is bent, broken, or damaged.

Why is my laptop plugged in and not charging ?

Common culprits include a faulty motherboard, damaged charging circuits, and malfunctioning battery sensors. Your particular make and model of laptop will likely have its own unique issues, and a seasoned tech support operator will have seen all of them.

How do I know if my laptop charger is not working ?

The battery does not hold a charge. The battery indicator LED does not glow or blinks continuously. The laptop does not recognize the battery. The laptop does not turn on without the AC adapter connected.

How do I clean my laptop charging port ?

The best way to clean a USB-C port is with a can of compressed air and a shaved toothpick. Blasting it with compressed air will shake loose dirt, which you can then clean out with the toothpick.

How do I stop my laptop charger from overheating ?

If you notice the adapter is extremely hot, turn off your computer and unplug it from the wall outlet. Once the adapter has cooled off, plug it back in and turn on the laptop.

Why is my laptop charger so hot ?

Why Is My Laptop Charger So Hot? If you notice the adapter is extremely hot, it could be due to the following: A faulty laptop battery, using the wrong laptop charger, using the wrong laptop battery, damaged / faulty laptop charger, the environment is just so hot.

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